School Community Council


Northpark Elementary

School Community Council

School Community Council Vision & Mission Statement

To assist Northpark Elementary with support, guidance and shared decision-making regarding school issues.

What does our School Community Council do?

 This council will help guide and support decision-making regarding school issues. Issues might include school improvement goals based off of past student performance, building needs, parent concerns, and community connections. This council will ensure representation of the parents in the decision making process at Northpark.

The council is composed of five parents, three faculty and staff members, and Mrs. Ellison. Meetings are held approximately four times through out the year.

The council can be reached at the following email

The following members have volunteered to serve on this council:

*     Annie Fletcher – Parent Representative

*     – Parent Representative

     - Parent Representative 

     Melinda Gili - Parent Representative

     Lindsey Greene - Parent Representative

      - K - 2 Representative

*     Lorna Bath – 3 - 4 Teacher Representative

Paraprofessional Representative

*     Mrs. Ellison – Principal

Please feel free to contact any Council member or call the school directly if you have any ideas or concerns.  Together we make a difference!