Public Behavior Supports

Positive Behavior Supports (PBS)

Positive behavior supports guide our school into three main areas for behavior. They encourage students to be safe, be respectful and be responsible. All students are taught school rules and guidelines within this common vocabulary and retrained through out the school year.  Please use the navigation bar to select the rules you would like to see.  

               -be safe           -be respectful         -be responsible



PBS School-Wide Expectations
Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful
Keeping the School Clean
  • Put coats and backpacks on hangers.
  • In the lunchroom:
    Floors clean, bench clean, leave your table cleaner than when you got there.
  • In the hallways and on the playground:
    Hold your trash for later; throw other litter in the wastebasket.
  • In the Bathroom:
    Be clean, be polite and put your paper towels in the wastebasket.
    Wipe down sink area after finished.
  • In the Classroom:
    Chairs stacked, clean up, trash in the wastebasket.

Bathroom Behavior
  • Go into the bathroom silently.
  • Wait for your turn.
  • Flush when done.
  • Wash your hands appropriately using soap.
  • One person at the sink at a time. 
  •  Dry your hands with one paper towel and put it in the wastebasket.
  • Walk out and show good behavior.
Entering the Gymnasium
  • Walk to your assigned seating 
  • Keep your mouth closed.
  • Get into the listening position
  • Wait patiently for the program to begin.
Audience Behavior
  • Stay in the listening position. 
  • Be quiet (voice and body).
  • Listen to the speaker.
  • Only clap at appropriate times.
Getting Food in the Cafeteria
  •  Find your place and remain seated.

  • Show good line behavior.
  • Scan card, get silverware, tray and milk and say, "Thank you."
  • Use inside voices. 

  • Take tray to salad bar.  Take only fruit or vegetable.  Take only what you will eat.
  • Remain seated until you are dismissed. 

Cafeteria Dismissal Behavior
  • Walk to the garbage and dump.
  • Check to see what needs to be cleaned in your area.
  • Pick up any things on the table or floor that need to be taken care of.
  •  Stand up when called.
  • Walk to your class line and show good line behavior.


Lunchroom Rules
Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful
  • Students are to walk in the lunchroom.
  • Students should NEVER exchange food.
  • Food and drink purchased from the lunchroom must be consumed in the lunchroom.  Open containers need to be emptied before leaving the lunchroom.
  •  Students will show respect to lunch servers, lunchroom supervisors and other students.  Students will observe common manners and visit quietly.  They will keep hands, feet and other objects to themselves.
  • After trays are dumped, students will line up quietly and show good line behavior.
  •  Students will sit at assigned tables.
  • Students are to clean their area.
  • Once seated, students will remain seated until dismissed.
  • Students may be removed from their assigned class tables and be required to eat at the Quiet Table or at a desk.  This will be at the supervisor's discretion.
  • When students are finished eating, they will remain quiet in their seats.  The lunchroom supervisor will dismiss students.
  • Students will put coats gloves, boots, hats and all balls by the lunch tub under the teacher's name.
  • Students may leave the lunchroom ONLY with a pass from the supervisor.
  • Students will not be permitted to return to their classrooms.

Playground Expectations
Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful
Playground Rules
  • Students need to keep all hands, feet and other objects to themselves.
  • Students will stay away from puddles, mud and ice.
  • Students will leave rocks, sticks and other dangerous objects alone.
  • All food, including gum and candy, should be left inside the building to avoid the danger of choking.
  • Students will settle differences peacefully.
  • Students will refrain from throwing anything other than equipment designed to be thrown (soccer balls, footballs, etc.).
  • Students should avoid climbing on, over or under fences.
  • Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, wheeled shoes or roller blades need to be left at home.
  • Students will get off equipment in a safe manner.
  •  Students will take turns on the equipment.  Students will count to 60 Mississippi's for each turn (1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, etc.).
  • The bushes on the side of the building are off limits for the safety of the children and the health of the bushes. 


  •  Students are to stop what they are doing when the bell rings and line up immediately and quietly.
  • Students should keep coats with them if they bring them out.  They will not be allowed back inside if they forget one.  Students will wear coats if the wind chill temperature is below 50 degrees.
  • Electronic devices, including video games and cell phones, are not allowed at Northpark.  The supervisor should keep the device until recess is over and turn the item into the office.  If a cell phone is required, please make arrangements through the office.
  • Students will be required to have a pass to be allowed to enter the building.  If a teacher has a student coming in the following morning before school, teachers will leave a note on the office counter to let morning supervisors know which students will be allowed in early.
  • Outside toys need to be left at home.
Playground Area

The Playground Area Includes:

  • The blacktop.
  • The sand area around the playground equipment.
  • The large grass field. 

The Playground Area Does NOT Include:

  • The Principal's grass in front of the school.
  • The bushes and wall on the east side of the building.
  • The sidewalks and steps toward the playground. 


Specific Rules for Various Areas of the Playground
  • If the ball gets kicked or thrown over the fence or off the playground, permission must be given by the supervisor on duty to retrieve the ball.
  • Bats are only allowed on the playground when an adult is specifically supervising the ball game.
  • Students may play TOUCH football only.
  • TAG will be played on the large grass field only.
  • Students will be shown that half of the field is for soccer and the other half is for free play.



  •  Students will only slide feet first and one at a time.
  • They are to move away quickly to allow the next student to slide.
  • No snow or sand will be allowed on slides.



  •  Students must be able to reach the bars themselves in order to play on them.
  • Students will keep two hands on the parallel bars at all times.
  • Hand-over-hand movement will be used on the hand-over-hand bars.



  •  Students will sit only on the pockets on the swings.
  • Anyone on the swings must be wearing regular shoes that have a back.
  • Swings only go forward and backward.
  • Other students will remain clear of swings.
  • Swings must be at a stop before getting off.
  • Students must sit on their pockets on the tire swing with feet through the center and hold on at all times.  Use only body movement to get swings going.
Indoor Recess
  • Assume recess is outside unless an announcement indicates otherwise.
  • Recess will be indoors if the wind chill is 0 degrees or below.
  • Students must find a spot and sit during indoor recess.  Games will be played in an orderly manner using a quiet voice.
  • Teachers choosing to keep their students inside during all school recesses are responsible for supervision.
  • Teachers will walk their students to the next supervisor.


 Bus Expectations

Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful

  • Stay In your seats; no walking or standing in the aisles when the bus is moving.  The driver's job is to keep you safe.

  • Follow the directions of the bus driver.
  • Use inside, not outside voices.

  • Earn Stop & Think Bucks for showing positive behavior.  Good behavior and high expectations don't end when students load the bus, they continue while riding the bus home. 
  • Leave toys and electronics at home.  This includes cell phones and iPods.

  • Be five minutes early and ready for your bus to arrive.
  • Look for any lost gloves, hats, scarves and any misplaced items in the lost and found at school.  Bus drivers turn any misplaced items into the school lost and found.