• Hour Of Code At Northpark

    On Tuesday, December 5th, 2017, students at Northpark Elementary School joined in and completed the Hour Of Code, allowing students to participate in a fun experience teaching them about Computer Science through interactive games.

    Northpark Elementary


Michele Recker
Angela Robinson
Angie Banks 

  1st Grade

Nanette Arnell
Cole Seaver
Amy Pierantoni

 2nd Grade

Maggie Coletti
Lara Salmans
Trista Ellison

 3rd Grade

Sally Allen
Melissa Havskjold
Jeffery Winters

 4th Grade

Lorna Bath
Bailey Crompton
Amanda Jackson


 Library Team

Maia Bergloff

 Physical Education

Ruth Casey

Eli Moody


 Music Education

Barbara Twomey

 Art Education

Kelli Thomas

Title One Team

  Sherrie Weerheim- Title One

 Special Services

Shanon DeBernardi- Alternative Communication/Behavior
Shannon Miller - Alternative Academic
Chris Arrants  - Alternative Behavior
Cara Straw - Speech/Language Clinician
Dena Lyon - Resource
Alysia McGaha - Resource

Tanya Hanson - Resource
Mathew Luras - Psychologist
Kendra Scott - Physical Therapist 
Michelle Smith - Occupational Therapist

Other Services

Custodial Staff

Iris Martinez
Crystal Harper

Social Work and Counseling Services

Teresa Edwards - Counselor 
Tina Taylor  - Social Worker


Sara LaSalle  - Alternative Behavior Para
Tiffany Wilson - Alternative Behavior Para
Lindsey Green - Alternative Communications Para
Teal Romango- Alternative Communications Para
Dorothy Reese - Alternative Communications Para
Wendy Allred - Resource Room Para
Louisa Mortenson - Resource Room Para
Jessica Penland- Academic Daily Living Para
Suzanne Jensen - Academic Daily Living Para
Andrea Justus - Academic Daily Living Para


Office Staff

Carrie Ellison - Principal
Cindy Sidwell - Secretary
Vicki Coletti - 
Office Assistant

Food Service

Tammy Snapp
Shawna Larsen

Nursing Staff

Leanna Lovato